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The allure of "Liquid Gold"

One of the biggest trends sweeping the cosmetic industry is attractive in its origin and more so in its results. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), the yellow-like substance left over after we spin your blood really fast in a machine that separates it from red blood cells, is full of natural growth factors and nutrition for our tissues.

PRP is being used to treat everything from fine lines to acne scarring and thinning of hair. Whereas Botox and Fillers can be a huge step for some individuals to take initially, the allure of incredible outcomes derived from our own blood is a great "gateway" procedure that offers a gentle introduction to non-surgical procedures. It is important to note that PRP treatments require patience and a commitment to the process. You will not notice immediate results like with filler or botox procedures, but rather a progressive increase in quality and appearance of the treated area.

Best results are achieved with a minimum of 3 or 4 treatments about 4-6 weeks (1 month) apart. After this initial period it is recommended to upkeep routine maintenance procedures at a minimum of once or twice a year. Depending on the areas of concern that we are treating, skin always responds best to a combination of treatments. For example, doing PRP mesotherapy for acne scarring would yield better results with a daily skin regimen a, laser resurfacing, and routine chemical peels as applicable.

Be patient, be informed, and understand that it takes some time to get the results that you want!


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